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Couples Counseling

Take your Coaching to the Next Level

Get a revolutionary virtual meeting app for professional coaches and counselors 

You cannot afford to lead  unengaging sessions 

YouLet us help you out.

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We don't just care about saving time. We care about you.

Trusted by 500+ happy teachers 

More then 10,000 students served 

Award-winning product recognized by the Norrsken Foundation 

Custom group speaking time pie chart in Equal Time
CSV of students ina virtual class, their participation, join and leave time

Equal Time automatically takes attendance and tracks participation (active speaking time) visually, so you know who has been speaking and who has not. Give your attention to students who need it most.

Group Students into custom groups on the fly. Organize a debate, or discussion group and ensure each side has an equal chance to speak. 

Equal Time gives you a detailed breakdown of exactly when each student joined and left your class. This is helpful to ensure virtual classes are accountable and present for instruction.

Equal Time Zoom App Shows Participant Speaking Time

How it Works

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1. Create an account and sign up for free trial

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2. Connect your Google Calendar 

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3. Meet as you normally would. Relax and enjoy your time saved!  

Don't waste time taking notes and tracking participation! Get back to what you do best - coaching! 

Best Value




Every month

Full transcript, AI notes, and inclusion tools!

Valid until canceled
30 day free trial

Live Speaking Time and Monologue Tracking

Call Analytics After the Call (emailed to you)

Exact Join and Leave Time (Graph and CSV)

Easy, Automatic Open (set it and forget!)

AI-Generated Notes

AI-Detected Keywords and Topics

Full Meeting Transcript

Diversity and Inclusion Metrics

Search within Meeting Transcripts

List of Questions Asked

Support for English, Spanish, French, German, Italian

Support for Portuguese, Dutch, Hindi and Japanese

Works on all platforms (Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet)

Connects to Google and Outlook Calendars

Industry leading Privacy and Security with Encryption

Get Notes automatically for Meetings you Cannot Attend

Modern Office Building

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