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What if AI could make us more inclusive?

Introducing the AI-powered meeting app that promotes inclusivity in meetings, interviews and classes.

Trusted by employees at 700+ organizations

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Shed light on data you never knew you had 

Let technology help you uncover insights and change cultural patterns

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We don't just care about virtual meetings. We care about you.

Trusted by leaders at 700+ organizations 

Avg time saved per week: 5 hours 

Award-winning product recognized by the Norrsken Foundation 

CSV of virtual meeting screen names, speaking percentage, min late and min left early
Virtual Meeting Transcript with search bar

The Equal Time Notetaker bot automatically joins your virtual class, takes attendance and tracks participation so you know who to engage.

Get a full transcript to refer back to later. Search over your transcripts to easily locate the information you need. Share with colleagues.

Equal Time gives you a detailed breakdown of exactly when each person joined and left your class. 

Equal Time real-time speaking time percentage in Zoom
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Screen Shot 2023-03-29 at 7.31.56 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-29 at 7.41.15 PM.png

Get a complete summary of your call. Send the summary to peers who missed the call. Never take notes again! 

Go back in time to see what questions were asked (and their answers). Ensure equitable interviews, or track classroom particpation.

View the sentiment of your calls. Review moments that may have heightened or lowered sentiment to improve.

How it Works

create an account
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2. Connect your Google Calendar

teacher on zoom

3. Use Zoom, Google Meet or MSTeams as you normally would.

See what our users say!

Security and Compliance

Equal Time is GDPR compliant and certified by the Cloud Security Alliance. Request our full privacy and security stance by emailing

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Get started today 💪  

  • Premium

    Every month
    Full transcript, AI notes, and inclusion tools!
     30 day free trial
    • Live Speaking Time and Monologue Tracking
    • Call Analytics After the Call (emailed to you)
    • Exact Join and Leave Time (Graph and CSV)
    • Easy, Automatic Open (set it and forget!)
    • AI-Generated Notes
    • AI-Detected Keywords and Topics
    • Full Meeting Transcript
    • Diversity and Inclusion Metrics
    • Search within Meeting Transcripts
    • List of Questions Asked
    • Support for English, Spanish, French, German, Italian
    • Support for Portuguese, Dutch, Hindi and Japanese
    • Works on all platforms (Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet)
    • Connects to Google and Outlook Calendars
    • Industry leading Privacy and Security with Encryption
    • Get Notes automatically for Meetings you Cannot Attend
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